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The Indiegogo for shatterdomeseattle has begun!

Yes, a Pacific Rim convention that is ON the Pacific Rim. Were you yelling in both excitement and rage that there were PacRim cons happening that were NO WHERE NEAR YOU (namely: not in the Pacific Northwest)? I was. Which is why I jumped to help make this thing happen.

So come join us, because Pacific Rim is awesome and Seattle is awesome and that’s pretty amazing to combine the two. Also, coffee. (And some of the cool stuffins you can get through the Indiegogo are made by me, geniusbee, and skylanth!)

(Quick doodle is done by me and features Kabiri, that random one off kaiju I made after remembering that Seattle did undergo a kaiju attack.)

The Shatterdome needs you! Help cancel the apocalypse and support shatterdomeseattle - a Pacific Rim fan convention taking place May 3, 2015.


The Art of The Evil Within

Fans of horror and crazy monster designs may want to pick up TangoWorks 'The Art of The Evil Within'. The hardcover tome will come packed with plenty of concept art and sketches from Shinji Mikami’s upcoming survival horror game. Priced at $39.99, it comes out a day after the US release of the game (October 14th). 


Get a sneak peek at some of the characters of #AssassinsCreed Unity, and the actors that brought them to life in this trailer.

In Assassin’s Creed Unity, Arno will cross paths with colorful personalities from the French Revolution, including historical figures Napoléon Bonaparte, the Marquis de Sade, and Robespierre, alongside all-new characters such as the mysterious Elise.


In #AssassinsCreed Rogue, you’ll learn the dark secret that led Shay to betray the Brotherhood and follow the darker path of the Templar Order. Watch the brand new Story trailer here.

Are you looking forward to playing as Shay Patrick Cormac?


Don’t. Be. Late.


Don’t. Be. Late.


This week’s Fan Art Contract: Kunoichi1111 for her “Elise” painting from #AssassinsCreed Unity. Make art to get something cool!See more of Kunoichi1111’s work here:


This week’s Fan Art Contract: Kunoichi1111 for her “Elise” painting from #AssassinsCreed Unity. 
Make art to get something cool!

See more of Kunoichi1111’s work here:


"Are you prepared to travel the eagle’s path?" 

Uncover the story of #AssassinsCreed Unity in this new trailer.


I can’t play Shadow of Mordor as much as I would like right now, so I’m drawing stuff for it in the meanwhile.

I just thought these random pics all went together so..